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Principle of Sterilization Step of Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer
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Ethylene oxide sterilizer is a type of sterilizer, everyone may have heard of it, but the principle of its sterilization step is not very clear. Ethylene oxide sterilizer includes puncture and medicine in the sterilization stage. , Sterilization, exhaust several processes.

Ethylene oxide sterilizer needs to know some details when puncturing and injecting medicine. After the humidification is successful, the vacuum generator works, evacuates to the lower limit of the vacuum, the puncture needle is ejected, and the gas tank is punctured. After the puncture, the pressure transmitter monitors the pressure change to determine whether the pressure meets the requirements, indicating the concentration of ethylene oxide gas. During the entire sterilization stage, the sterilization chamber always maintains a negative pressure state to prevent leakage of ethylene oxide gas. The sterilization time is set by the program.

After the sterilization of the ethylene oxide sterilizer is completed, pulsation evacuation is required to remove the ethylene oxide gas from the inner chamber. The specific process is to first evacuate to 18kPa, then return the air to 55kPa, and run for 30 minutes. During the exhaust phase, most of the ethylene oxide gas in the sterilization chamber can be removed, but the ethylene oxide residue still exists in the sterilized articles and needs further processing.

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