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Detection process for sterilization of ethylene oxide sterilizer
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The chemical monitoring of an ethylene oxide sterilizer is to test the parameters of the sterilization process mainly by visually observing the chemical (color) changes of the chemical indicator placed therein. Chemical monitoring is fast, simple, and low-cost. It can be used to detect possible failures, such as incorrect packaging or loading, and sterilizer failure. Chemical monitoring is mainly used on the outside of each package to distinguish between sterilized and non-sterilized items. Commonly used chemical indicating tapes, color-changing strips and labels on packaging tapes (chemical indicators used in testing must be approved by the health department, And issue a health permit and use it within its validity). In addition, there are other chemical side test methods such as single-parameter chemical indicator and multi-parameter indicator.

The chemical indicator tape is coated with adhesive on one side and chemical indicator on the other side. It can be used as an indication to distinguish between "sterilized" and "not sterilized", and can be pasted on the appearance of a dressing bag as a package seal. After the sterilization is completed, the uniform color change of the indicator color can indicate whether the sterilization process has been performed, thereby further proving the possibility of successful sterilization.

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